10 Random Things I have learnt as a Mother

Because I had a long career in childcare, everyone (myself included) thought that I’d find having children of my own a doddle. Yes, I know, ridiculous! Of course I was taken down a peg or two hundred when my eldest arrived. That in mind, this week I am linking up with fellow blogger Learna Mamma’s post on 10 random things I have learnt since becoming a mother.


  • Don’t jiggle a recently fed baby over your head whilst gazing up at them laughing. Regurgitated breast milk tastes as disgusting as it sounds.
I don't recommend this after a feed!

I don’t recommend this after a feed!

  • Breast-feeding is A LOT harder then you think! And when you do get ‘a good latch’, you will ask your husband to take photos from all angles in the hope that you can re-create it on the next feed.
  • ALL the tear jerker films that didn’t make you cry before having children will reduce you to an inconsolable wreck nowadays. In fact, tears in general come much more easily.
  • If your child sleeps an extra ten minutes, you will send your husband in to check them as you ‘can’t face the corpse’. Every time!!
  • Your face is your baby’s favourite toy.
  • No matter how uncomfortable you are, or how much you need the loo, if your baby falls asleep on you, nothing on earth could move you!
I could stay like this forever :)

I could stay like this forever 🙂

  • You finally understand what selfless means. Your children take over your independence, freedom and bank balance, whilst giving you ‘lip’, wrinkles, worries and grey hair – but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Sometimes ‘turning a blind eye’ is the best option! Not seeing the fight/punch can be the best way to get it resolved. Trying to ‘sort it’ can often make things ten times worse. However, you would hunt down and hurt anyone who really harms your child. ANYONE!!
  • The sound of your children giggling and playing together lifts your spirits to the highest heights!
Sunshine and happiness makes it all worth while!

Sunshine and happiness makes it all worth while!


These are just a few things I have learnt, and I am in no doubt whatsoever that I have years of learning ahead of me! If you fancy reading what other random things we learn as parents, check out the link below!


Thanks for reading


I love feedback, please leave any thoughts and comments below.

Learner Mamma



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