The ‘First’ I Miss!



Laughter is the best medicine!

I took down the stair-gate last week… for the very last time…ever. Woo-hoo!! We are a growing family of five – growing UP, that is, as opposed to growing in numbers. My baby is two – she was two a couple of months ago, but in my head she will have just turned two until her third birthday. In fact, it kills me that I can’t refer to her age in months anymore (believe me I have tried saying she’s 25 months old, but even to my ears I sound ridiculous). It has taken me at least two years to accept that our family is complete (my husband knew two years and nine months ago!!) but for me it took a while. So I am currently mother to a lovesick seven-year-old, a five-year-old who has just recovered from a fractured arm and wants to do everything at full speed, and a two year old who corrects me every time I say ‘baby girl’ by telling me she is in fact ‘not a baby’. Hence I have taken down the stair gate. Not only can she navigate the stairs with great ease, she is growing up FAST. So the timing of fellow blogger‚ The Busy Mamas Linky‘ tales of parenting moments gone by’ could not be more appropriate. It has given me an opportunity to indulge in a little self-soothing nostalgia about the good old days, when I could legitimately call my babies ‘babies’!


Becoming a parent brings with it a barrage of ‘firsts‘ – some are awful firsts (worry, limited sleep, teething, worry, high temperatures, nappy rash, and did I mention worry?…), some are simply wonderful firsts (grasping fingers, the smell and feel of incredibly soft skin, hand-curling-around-the-neck cuddles, first words, first steps..) but the ‘first’ that I know I would never tire of is the sound of their very first self-aware,“that was funny“, giggling, bubbling, chuckling, laugh. There is plenty of laughter in our house – always has been, and I hope always will be. My first born makes me laugh with her wit, my son does slapstick like no other and as for the ‘baby’, well, toddlers are just funny! However, whenever I need cheering up, all I need do is think of the first time I heard them giggle with joy, and instantly I am smiling. It catches me unawares every time, but that first laugh brings more than just a feeling of joy. It not only lets you know that your baby is happy, but it also brings with it the awareness that your child is developing their own little personality and thoughts on life.


A baby’s laugh is so genuine, so unaffected, so contagious and so heartwarming, it is addictive. I have spent countless minutes nay hours trying to recreate whatever scenario gave them their first laugh, be it a funny voice I used once, or a silly-dance-and-fall (he laughed at the fall not the dance). Sometimes they will give you a charity laugh, sometimes your efforts will be received with mute stony silence – like the aforementioned time I tried to recreate the dance/fall – but sometimes, and this is worth any amount of effort or pain, the laughter will escalate and you will both end up breathless, in tears laughing uproariously!


So there it is – the first laugh – that is probably my very favourite ‘first‘ of parenthood, and although I will not experience that again, I can’t wait to spend a good chunk of the rest of my days laughing with my growing family of five. Why not check out some other firsts that will be missed by clicking on this link!

Once upon a time

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7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helen O'Keeffe
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 18:10:17

    A fantastic addition to the linky Aisling! 14 weeks on we’ve got those first gummy smiles and breathy laughs coming out of our fella and I agree with you – they are truly special!
    Wishing you many giggly days with your grower uppers! X


  2. tric
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 18:44:11

    Lovely post. You are right it is a most magical contagious sound. I never tired of heading it.


  3. Aedin
    Jun 28, 2014 @ 21:04:48

    It’s the best sound!love it!


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