Mindfulness and Simple Pleasures – A blog link-up!

Is your cosy family Christmas a distant memory? Has your house become a bit of a war-zone since the holidays ended? Yep, ours too!

So it’s time to embrace my New Year’s resolution of ‘living in the now’ which I am determined to stick to! Not a mean feat for someone who plans ahead ALL the time… and by ‘plans ahead’ I obviously mean worrying about what may be. I know that worrying is the most pointless excercise you can indulge in. I know that no-one can see the future. I know that, to a certain extent, what will be will be. I worry about how much I worry. 😉

So I have had to catch myself when I get caught up in all the communion talk happening around me – in January? Her communion is in May!! I have to stop myself telling the children to hurry up or we might be late. Have forced myself to look the other way when the children are monkeying about when they should be sitting down doing homework – according to my own rules.

I had a small victory over my 1972-2014 self the other day. When what would normally have resulted in a shout-fest about ‘getting on with homework before it gets too late’ was about to start, my 2015 self said ‘how about we have warm milk and cinnamon with a couple of choc-chip cookies, and then start homework?’ This was greeted with peals of delight by the children because I was (a) being bold, (b) offering biscuits mid-week and (c) not giving out about homework.

Aiming for lots more moments of calm like this!

Aiming for lots more moments of calm like this!

As we sat at the table and enjoyed the moment, I was delighted that this simple pleasure had averted a tete-a-tete which would inevitably have resulted in a whingey, whiney afternoon. So while it is January – while the children are gradually coming down from the Christmas madness – while the pace of modern life begins to take hold again – I urge you to stop, take stock and try just being in the moment.

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Fellow bloggers if you have any plans to increase mindfulness in 2015, please  join me and share them in my first ever blog link-up below!

Just click on the blue button and all will go swimmingly – I hope!

Click on the links below to see what some of my fellow bloggers think about mindfulness and simple pleasures!

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  2. Gráinne Reid
    Jan 18, 2015 @ 15:27:23

    Excellent linky!! As a planner I too am trying my hand at some mindfulness of late, not always easy do so fair play to u! Hopefully will get to join in at some point soon 😉


    • BabySteps
      Jan 18, 2015 @ 17:26:40

      Thanks Gráinne, oh please do join in. Open until January 31st. I am determined to be more mindful this year, the ‘now’ is a wonderful place!


  3. Naomi
    Jan 18, 2015 @ 16:51:47

    Great post, did something similar this week and chalked it up to a rare “got it right” parenting moment 🙂 great linky idea. Will be back to add mine too


    • BabySteps
      Jan 18, 2015 @ 17:24:51

      Thanks Naomi, looking forward to reading your one. I am sure I will have to keep catching myself, but I am determined to be more mindful this year!


  4. nicolasimplyhomemade
    Jan 18, 2015 @ 17:52:13

    I definitely need to take a leaf out of your book!! Mind you I’m late for everything these days, toddlers don’t do time lol!
    Though I’m sure if I offered the children cookies and milk before homework they’d ask their Dad if Mammy is ok 😀


    • BabySteps
      Jan 18, 2015 @ 18:17:23

      Thanks for reading Nicola ☺ There was definitely a moment of shocked silence from my guys. I am trying to go with my toddlers time keeping as much as possible,am even going to try and stay zen when she decides just before running to school pick up is a good time to start building her lego.. Aka every day!!


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