A Week In Dinners – A Blog Link-up

I am joining fellow parenting blogger, Sinéad at Bumbles of Rice in her linky ‘A Week in Dinners’.


Menu-planning is one part of parenting that I really don’t enjoy. In our family, we do it to ensure that we have a balanced diet, eat together as a family and keep to a sensible shopping budget, and I begrudgingly admit that it works! However, I often yearn for the pre-childen days when we would just pop in to Marks and Spencers and grab whatever took our fancy, and we didn’t even eat the same meals as each other – ahhh… good times. Sure, we spent as much on our shopping as we did on our mortgage but it was wonderful! Nowadays, my menu planning centres around special deals in the various supermarkets and I usually get a couple of meals out of some purchases – just call me ‘Superthrift’!

Sinead has run these linkys before, and as well as some great recipes on her own blog it is also great for getting ideas and also having a general nose around other peoples meal times. And to boot, I take great comfort in knowing that not everyone cooks every meal from scratch with pestle and mortar.

So here is my contribution:

Sunday: We had our first traditional family cooked breakfast ever – it was lovely sitting around the table having saussies and bacon and rounds of buttery toast with mugs of tea (my five year old adores tea and rarely gets it so he was in seventh heaven!) We were stuffed to the gills and so didn’t have our roast chicken dinner, prepared cooked and served by my husband, until around 4.30pm, followed by home-made brownies and ice-cream! A great success although my son was less than impressed that we only had two meals and was still trying to explain at bedtime that ‘you are supposed to have THREE meals a day’!

Roast Chicken!

Roast Chicken!

Monday: My daughter was home sick from school on Monday so things were a little topsy-turvey, and I have just this minute realised that Monday’s food was brought to us by the self same host of this linky. I made Sinead’s brocolli soup – absolutely delicious and the first thing my daughter ate all day, and for dinner we had her chorizo and chickpea stew – which always ensures cleared plates. I leave out the spinach from the recipe though, as even the smell of spinach made me heave during my last pregnancy and I haven’t found it in my heart to forgive that leafy vegetable! This is such a handy dish – I always have the ingredients in and it is quick to make. We had it with brown rice but I often serve it with potato too.

Stewing up some Chorizo!

Tuesday: I nearly always make something with the leftover meat from Sunday’s roast during the week, usually by Tuesday, and this week was no different – exciting eh? So I made a chicken curry with noodles (the plan was stir fry but I decided to get crazy and mix it up). I basically just finely chopped onions, carrots and garlic, then fried them in a little olive oil. Next I threw in three spoons of mild curry powder, then added 250ml vegetable stock (as had used my last chicken stock cube in the brocolli soup). Once that was simmering, I added coconut milk, chopped roast chicken and a large handful of frozen green beans, simmered for 15 minutes and served with noodles. Clear plates all around.

Chicken curry with noodles!

Chicken curry with noodles!

Wednesday: Good old spaghetti bolognese – I, like nearly all of us, make the tomato sauce using lots of pureed vegetables, and either tinned tomatoes or passata. I cook it in the oven for at least two hours at 150 degrees, which gives it a nice consistency whilst also making the house smell nice and ‘Italian-y’!

Spag Bol!

Spag Bol!

Thursday: I was listening to a story on the radio of how, by Thursday afternoon, office employees have given their all and are really just on a countdown to home time on Friday. Well it turns out this stay-at-home mum is the same! Thursday’s dinner was one I have heard about from another mother and is well loved in our house, and it also requires very little effort. Sausages with volcano mash! Whilst the sausages are cooking in the oven I made the mash, and steamed some brocolli. Then I made gravy from instant gravy granules – the mother who gave me the idea would use homemade gravy but instant works just as well. Then make the mash into a volcano shape with a hollow in the middle and pour gravy over it. Even the brocolli was eaten with the volcanic excitement!

Yes, it is a volcano!!

Yes, it is a volcano!!

So there you have it, my week in dinners. All hits which is freakily unusual here, and all very normal! Why not follow the link above  to see what other folk get up to?

Have you any family favourites to add?

Thanks for reading



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