KoolioBandz – Review and Give-away

Have you heard of KoolioBandz? I hadn’t either, until Aisling from the ISPCC contacted me to see if I would like to review them for the blog. As always, the simplest ideas are usually the best. KoolioBandz are basically very simple children’s identity wristbands.  What I like about them is that no personal data is displayed – you simply buy a two-pack (costs less than €10) and activate them on www.kooliobandz.com.  If your child gets lost, whoever finds them can get a message to you by just logging on to the website and entering the unique code on your child’s wristbands and, in the era of smartphones, that can all be done very quickly.

Don't want to cramp their sense of adventure!

Don’t want to cramp their sense of adventure!

Now I am not known for buying into the fear that the media constantly sells us. My children scoot without helmets, get dirty, have many bumps and bruises and generally act like children. However, when it comes to losing them, I have a very real fear. You see, we lost Conan once.

Hindsight is such a wonderful gift. Of course, going to a betrothal ceremony (not my own, mind you) seven days after my daughter was born was utter madness. Of course, leaving a very capable eight-year-old in charge of my five-year-old and three-year-old was beyond stupid. Still that is exactly what we did!

One of the many joys of breast-feeding is that you can be versatile from day one. Forget the exhaustion and fuzziness that comes with the early days after giving birth. So, the five of us rocked up to beautiful, Kilruddery House in Bray, County Wicklow for the ceremony, which was lovely by the way. However, by the end of it, the children couldn’t wait to get out and play and so off we sent them. Glancing out occasionally from the glass-fronted Orangery, until maybe a half hour later when the very responsible 8-year-old came up to my husband, ashen-faced, saying she couldn’t find Conan.  I was shielded from this by my husband but could tell just by looking at him that something was up. Then himself and his two best mates disappeared outside at pace. I tried to ignore this unusual behaviour for, oh, about 40 seconds and then went to find out what was up.

Kilruddery House is lovely and well worth a visit but it has a good few unprotected, deep ponds. I was told to sit down and the men would search for him. I did. I tried to distract myself but just kept picturing him floating face down in one of the ponds. After maybe five long minutes, I looked out of the reception room to see the three men standing gazing down the slope at the children playing, all the children but Conan that is. I dashed outside using some very choice language as to where my son might be. They had in fact found him, and just neglected to tell me. Nearly three years on, less said about that the better! Paul (husband) had found him on the far side of a very deep pond. Although all was well and we escaped with a very severe warning to ourselves, my fingers are trembling writing this. So, when it comes to losing a child, I have a very real fear.

Conan off on another adventure!

Conan off on another adventure!

I will most definitely be getting my younger two to wear their KoolioBandz whenever we go on a day trip or on holidays. Even though I don’t expect I will ever take my eyes off any of them long enough for them to get lost again, the peace of mind that comes from having a back-up plan is well worth €10! (My eldest knows our mobile numbers by heart, so probably no need for the band.) Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention they are an Irish invention and a donation from each pack sold goes to Childline!

I also have a pack to give away for children aged 2-5, so if you fancy getting your hands on it just comment below and you are in with a good chance! Will draw a name out of a hat on Friday 27th March.

Just comment below, to be in with a chance to win this pack!

Just comment below, to be in with a chance to win this pack!

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17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura Molloy
    Mar 20, 2015 @ 22:22:21

    Where can you get these? Sound like a great idea!


  2. jodie
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 11:40:06

    That is a fantastic idea. Would it be possible for parents to upload recent photos of kids as well. Whenever I see missing kids posters,it’s often older blurry photographs. This really is something that should be rolled our across the world.


  3. Helen
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 21:18:01

    Love this idea. Especially with the summer around the corner. 🙂


  4. jaki ronan
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 22:17:16

    Great idea!!! Saves a few more white hairs on my poor head! !😉
    I will def be recommending these.


  5. Anonymous
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 01:24:14

    Such a simple yet brilliant system. Much less intrusive than the chipping I was planning for my two year old Hehehehe. Great review!


  6. terry
    Mar 23, 2015 @ 01:29:42

    What a simple yet brilliant idea! Much less intrusive than the chipping I had planned for my two year old Hehehehe. Really great idea for holidays. Thanks for the review and the information.


  7. My Little Babog Blog
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 00:20:48

    great piece of mind if at a parade or big day out. Count me in!!


  8. Louisa Meehan
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 11:20:17

    excellent idea especially once your kids multiply sometimes it’s impossible to watch them every second


  9. Veronica Murphy
    Mar 30, 2015 @ 17:06:20

    So much simpler that the device I had for my two on a trip to London which hung around their neck and if they were 10metres from me and alarm went off. Great idea – definately need one for my wandering 2 year old!


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