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‘I follow you?’ is the constant refrain from the toddler these days. As much as I love the little lady, this particular phrase drives me to distraction. I find it hugely irritating that wherever I go there she is right behind me.

Now, I am mostly for my children following in my footsteps, except for a few times, where I possibly made the wrong choice, that time in Mexico springs to mind… but that is another story and definitely not fit for publishing here!

'I follow you?'

‘I follow you?’

In my footsteps is one thing but following my actual footsteps is a whole lot of GRR. My husband who thinks she can do no wrong anyway was all ‘aw, that’s lovely’ so I stopped trying to explain how irritating it was to him and didn’t even consider complaining about how the ‘I do it’ for car seat straps and tights and such, causes me to count slowly to ten whilst breathing deeply. Or the walking beside the buggy which doubles no triples the length of any and every journey!

'You going somewhere?'

‘You going somewhere?’

However, even as I am giving out about the joys of toddler-hood, I know, that only too soon she will stop following me everywhere and I will miss that. The reason I know this is because I already miss some of her irritants needs that I wished away at the time.

Night feeds being one. I was not a mother that loved being up during the night. I resented my husband, my children and everyone else who got to go to bed – to sleep. I hated going to bed not knowing how many hours nay minutes of sleep I would  get before being awoken by her hungry squawk. Wondering if this pattern of broken sleep that began (as any pregnant lady will tell you) at least seven months before the actual birth would ever, ever, end. Now, I look back at that time , when it was just me and her, having a feed, whispered chats, cuddles  and face tickles whilst the world slept and I MISS it.

No need for nigh-time comfort anymore!

No need for night-time comfort anymore!

Spoon feeding as ridiculous as it sounds. At the time, I hated how my own meal always had to wait as I fed my children first. Longed for the days when we could all sit together and eat our own meals, while they were still hot. Well, those days have been upon us for a while now and it is great, but in all honesty a teeny part of me misses not having to help.

We are about to start the process of toilet training, I really do not think that nappy changing is something I will miss. But who knows? When she cracks it, it will be the first time in 8 years that our household will be ‘nappy-free’. Actually having worked in childcare since I was 17 it will be the first time in ,cough, 25 years that nappies have not been a part of my day to day!!!

A good place to toilet train!

A good place to toilet train!

So, as unlikely as it is that I will miss nappy changing and all that jazz, I have after eight years of being a Mum, finally learned to stop wishing the time by. From this day forth  I promise to stop inwardly groaning when she says ‘ I follow you?’. Because yes, of course you can follow me, for as long or as short a period of time as you need. ( I just need to watch that creak in the floorboards as I tip-toe to the loo!)

She will go her own way soon enough!

She will go her own way soon enough!

Thanks for reading. What do your children do to drive you bananas? Please comment below.


The original version of this post appeared in mummypages, why not check them out?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. GreenElephantCrochet
    May 03, 2015 @ 12:30:05

    It would be nice to just have 30 seconds to yourself to go to the loo alright!! 😉


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  3. lifeonhushabyefarm
    May 06, 2015 @ 13:01:59

    The lack of personal space is a killer! In the grand scheme of things it is a fleeting time, but when your living it, it can be hard to remember that!


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