The A-Z of Me!



The ‘A-Z of Me’ tag has been doing the rounds in the blogging universe, and the lovely Ellen from  El and Baby A (‘IPB Awards finalist’ no less) tagged me. So here goes, 26 interesting (?) self-indulgent facts about me. Ah, go on keep reading – the natural voyeur in you needs to know this stuff! 😉

A – ‘Aisling Childcare’ – the crèche I set up and ran for seven years. I closed it in 2010, as a mix of the downturn and expecting my third child forced me to make a decision. I loved my crèche, mostly because I got to do things my way. All the children mixed together and we didn’t have different rooms for different age groups. It really was like one big happy family.

B – ‘Hot Air Balloons’. It is my life’s ambition to go on a hot air balloon ride. My son has started to express an interest in it too, so I reckon we will tick that box together!

C – ‘Caoimhe and Conan’ – Caoimhe is my first born. She is a constant source of joy and one of the most beautiful babies ever; in fact, possibly the most beautiful baby ever born in the universe ever! Conan is my wonderfully boyish son. He brings balance, rough and tumble, and sensitivity into my life every single day. And he is pretty handsome to boot.

My 'C's'

My ‘C’s’

D – ‘Dancing’. I won €2,500 for losing weight in a ‘Salsa Slims’ competition many moons ago. I used the prize money to fund a once in a lifetime holiday!

E – ‘Enniskerry’. My family moved to Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow when I was eight years old. I loved it as a child, hated it as a teenager (not best serviced for heading into town or meeting up with my friends who all lived on the DART line) and now love it again as a place to visit with my family!

F – ‘France’. I spent a godawful summer in Bordeaux working as an au-pair way back in 1989 but I don’t hold that against it. I love their food and drink, and kind of speak the language. I have never ever been to Paris though am planning a romantic weekend there one fine day!

G – ‘Greystones’. We moved here when Caoimhe was four months old and eight years on, when I walk along the seafront, I feel like I am on holidays. I will never leave this wonderful village.

H – ‘Hendricks’. Hendricks and tonic with cucumber = Heaven on earth!

Hendricks in a tea-cup!

Hendricks in a tea-cup!

I – ‘Ironing’. I don’t HATE it, and quite enjoy the whole process actually. But being that I also love holidays I do the bare minimum – shirts.

J – ‘July’.First month of the summer holidays. The month we got married. What’s not to love?

K- ‘Keepsakes’. I have sugar packs from a school tour to Stratford-upon-Avon, cinema tickets from our first date. I am not a hoarder at all but I do have a thing for little keepsakes of fond memories.



L- ‘Lyons’. Mr Paul Lyons changed my life in ways I could not even conceive. Love is all you need, which is also an ‘L’.

M – ‘Mums’. Becoming one makes me appreciate ALL mothers, not least of all my own. Five children with five very different, very strong personalities and she wasn’t even institutionalised.

N- ‘New Zealand’. That once-in-a-lifetime holiday I mentioned earlier, this was it. Myself and a group of friends went on a three week holiday to the Southern Hemisphere, skiing in New Zealand book-ended by a few days in Sydney Australia. It was BRILLIANT!

O – ‘Oscar the Grouch’ – my favourite character in Sesame Street. What? He is! I most certainly am not stuck at ‘O’.

P – ‘Prince’ the musical genius. I have seen him live three times which is not nearly enough. (still have ticket stubs from all concerts)

At Prince in Malahide Castle - July 2011.

At Prince in Malahide Castle – July 2011.

Q – ‘Queen’ – Paul introduced me to Queen. We danced to ‘You’re My Best Friend’ at our wedding, and saw ‘We Will Rock You’ in London . I can’t help but dance and sing along when Queen comes on the radio.

R – ‘Rooskey’ – the name of one of our family dogs, the one that lived the longest and was loved the most. Rooskey rocked!

S – ‘Síofra’. My cheeky baby, our last child, the full stop in our family. A spoilt brat and a ray of sunshine.

Our full stop!

Our full stop!

T – ‘Thailand’. We hightailed there on our honeymoon (abandoning our 16-month old Caoimhe to the care of grannies (or anyone really). I loved everything about Thailand but the Thai people are what I remember the most fondly. Smiling, friendly, gentle and kind.

U – ‘Underwater’. I love swimming in the sea, even the Irish one. But being under the water is my favourite, and damn my smokers lungs that I can’t hold my breath for longer than 30 seconds.

V – ‘Vajoiner’. As in when my son shouted across a crowded bustling square ‘Mum! Did I come out your vajoiner or willie when I was born?’ True story.

W – ‘Wine’. Obviously.

X – As in ‘Mexico’? Sure why not? I had a real rite of passage summer holiday in Mexico with two of my best friends. We booked flights to Mexico City and pretty much played the rest by ear. Visiting Acapulco (where I did indeed go loco) and discovering Puerto Escondido. A crazy, brilliant holiday.

Y – ‘Years’ – they fly by way too quickly.

Z – ‘Z for Zachariah’ was a book I read in school that I loved and definitely encouraged my love of reading!

That was surprisingly easy, I obviously love talking, writing and generally thinking about myself! Tag Mammy’s Kitchen, you are up.

Thanks for reading



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